“The Space Between” Autographed CD


For his followup to his acclaimed debut, 2015’s Plugged In, Toronto guitarist-composer Galen Weston recruited producer Steve Rodby, former longtime bassist in Pat Metheny’s band, to help him get to the next level. “I think Steve kind of took where I was in this moment in time and said, ‘Let’s make a snapshot of where you are now.’ We didn’t change much. We didn’t change forms, we didn’t change melodies, but what we did was try to get the best rhythmic feel that we possibly could so that we could present the material the best that we could. That was the goal.”

Returning from Plugged In are the core group of fellow Toronto musicians Richard Underhill on alto sax, David Woodhead on electric bass, Matt Horner on piano and Al Cross on drums. Together they complement Weston’s stinging guitar lines throughout The Space Between on a potent program that includes poignant ballads, earthy blues-rockers, intense rock-jazz jams and one fiery Afro-Cuban romp, all showcasing Weston’s inimitable chops on his trusty yellow Fender Stratocaster.

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